Life is more valuable than money

The ideology of the Vitacon founder A. Fomenko

There are questions that already have an answer. Ask any man what’s the cost of life? Obviously he’ll answer that it’s priceless. And it’s true!

Everyone wants to live longer and no one wants to get older. But why do people do nothing about it? The truth is that there’s just no room in their heads for the idea of lifespan extension so it seems unreal.

The Vitacon project was created to change people's opinions that if a person was born, he would die. Youth can be extended. Old age and death can be pushed back. It’s a proven scientific fact. Today there is enough knowledge in genetics, epigenetics, neurophysiology, molecular and cell biology, immunology to start developing technologies or drugs that will extend life to 100-120 years. It’s not the limit!

The purpose of the project is to push back aging and then completely cancel it through science. We’re professionals who deals with biotech and life extension issues since 1996. Our experience suggests that to achieve goals we need to stand together. Everyone should realize that nobody is going to gift anti-aging pill even for a large amount of money. It just won’t exist. A long life without diseases is what’s needed to be achieved by uniting all the resources. Life is more valuable than money!

None of existing systems are interested in live people

99% of people don’t know that they can prolong youth and life that’s why all existing systems (from commercial companies and universities to the government) ignore this problem and pay attention to the inner processes.

Business needs profitability then it works. But what’s profitability when a person's life is at stake? Your life?

This misunderstanding leads to the fact that all the investments go to drugs for the treatment of specific diseases, which are only a consequence of aging, but not to longevity.

Business point of view is that an anti-aging drug should be very expensive to compensate decline in sales of another drugs. Also clinical trials of anti-aging drug will have to be carried out for a long time.

I have only one rhetorical question: investors, what’s the cost of your life?

For successful anti-aging researches modern science should be restructured. Today it’s a highly bureaucratic and conservative structure. The grant system doesn’t stimulate the achievement of the final result so life extension studies remain underfunded..

Why is the football players market much more expensive than the market of transfer of patent technologies? It shouldn't be like that! Therefore we propose to commercialize science. Earlier basic research and then the release of final products took at least fifty years. Now according to our calculations it’s possible to reduce this time to eight year. It’s significantly boosts all the processes, makes science interesting for business and leads to a different path of development.

Development problems of technologies for life extension

Yearly trillions of dollars are spent for medicine and health care to develop new drugs with improved efficiency and treatment of specific diseases. Such a point-by-point approach undoubtedly yields results. Life expectancy has increased significantly in recent decades. According to experts from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation by 2040 the population of developed countries will live up to 85 years.

However the healthiest people who avoided cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and heart problems, in 70 years still don’t feel like in 30, 40 or 50 years. A record-long-livers (officially confirmed record 122 years) in fact people who spent half their lives in a state of old age and infirmity.

Radically prolong a person's life is possible only by extending youth. It’s necessary not to treat individual diseases but with the help of science to understand the aging process and stop it.

To date only about $ 2 billion and 3,000 employees of commercial companies, as well as about $ 3 billion and 7000 scientists are involved in the process of developing methods for radical life extension*. This is less than 0.1% of global health spending. The funds and efforts are clearly not enough to create a technology that can save youth, restore health and significantly postpone aging.

Consolidation of all forces and resources

Life is the only truly important value, which, as wrote the great scholar albert Einstein, subordinated all other. We propose to consolidate all people around this idea.

Vitacoin is a new system that combines: 1) business, companies and startups; 2) science in a modified form; 3) non-profit organizations, parties and religions; 4) consumers;

Each of these areas has its pros and cons. The contribution of each person is important, regardless of their beliefs and belonging to a particular group. We want to monetize their resources (financial, material, intellectual, information, labor) through Vitacoin to achieve the stated goal

The total value of the gold market is now estimated at $ 7.5 trillion, the population of the Earth at the moment is about 7.5 billion people. It turns out that for each person of the planet is needed about 1000 $. This money should be invested in development of active longevity. We propose to replace one value with another. Gold doesn't create anything at all meanwhile we can create a cure or a technology that prolongs life. For simplicity consider Vitacoin as science venture foundation with a long-time or as global research center.

Today you can buy a flight to near-earth orbit, invest in land on the moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury, make a pre-order for a flying car or agree on the cryopreservation of your body, etc. Sci-fi technologies have recently become a reality so fast. And people are willing to invest in it even when it’s only ideas now. So a radical extension of human life (not immortality) seems less futuristic and a more profitable investment.

New structure

Currently there is no organization capable of creating a drug or technology to extend life radically. Show me the organization which could do it and I’ll invest my money..

We don’t want to wait for a great one starts acting after realization of the value and finiteness of life. The Vitacoin project is about awareness and acceptance of responsibility for your health and life.

There is needed a new type of structure to unite all people and their resources for a radical increase of lifespan. Vitacoin can be a central manager that organize the processes related to the investment in biotechnological and pharmaceutical projects, the creation of a single R&D database, etc. Transparency of all procedures will be provided by blockchain technologies.

It’s also planned to create a global research center to study aging and youth extension. Decentralized coordination of researches will allow to implement projects that are not available to individual institutions or even governments (projects of the human genome decoding level or construction of the ISS).

There may be another scenario. We can pool our resources with the active 5% of the population, who move civilization, and create a technology of radical increase of longevity. So another 95% (who don’t want or can’t participate in the project) will spend a lot of money to buy it

According to our calculations the estimated capitalization of Vitacoin can be from 1% to 10% of the average annual world GDP per capita. This amount of money can solve all the problems. These funds are needed not for me or us but for the whole society, dreaming of a long and happy life.

There’s no need to limit by the national border?

In addition we propose to create Vitaspace. It’s a decentralized extraterritorial state where the participants are united by a common idea of the youth extension and active life without diseases

14% of the world's population consider themselves citizens of the world and don’t want to be limited by the borders of one country. Our project will provide an opportunity to rewrite the rules governing the society. Vitaspace won’t have classical management body and all decisions will be made using blockchain technologies.


Be ready that the creation of technology or drug may be delayed for various reasons for a long time. History knows many examples when due to the faith implemented quite long projects: the Roman Catholic Gothic Cathedral in Cologne is still under construction since 1248, the Cathedral of St. Vitus, Wenceslas and Wojtek (Prague) was built from 1344 to 1929, the Temple of the Holy Family (Barcelona) began to build in 1882! Now there are investment projects related to real estate, which will pay off only in 50 years.

What if it doesn't work out? We'll just live out our lives like we used to. But if there's even a 0.01% possibility, it's stupid not to use it, isn't it?

Your birth is a miracle, which was worked by your parents. And now thanks to the project Vitacoin you could work miracles for yourself and your children and extend the life.

If we don’t achieve the goal, we will collect the most valuable knowledge base, developments, and our children will create the drug. According to the law of large numbers the fact of the existence of Vitacoin project and many people involved in are already able to prolong life. Even without the anti-aging pill the average life expectancy will increase by about 35% only through the development of our projects. And this will pay for all the costs because there’s no similar products in the healthcare market now.


Overview of companies and institutions engaged in radical life extension

Company Field of activity, number of employees Assessment of financing or capitalization
Calico Fight against aging and related diseases. About 100 employees $ 500-1500 million
Human Longevity Fight against aging and related diseases. About 300 employees $ 300 million
Centagen Stem cell research, cell therapy. $ 10 million (approximate estimate)
BioTime Regenerative medicine. 100-250 employees $ 279.12 million
Elysium Health Bioadditives $ 31.2 million
Nu Skin Anti-aging therapy and bioadditives About 200 employees for longevity research $ 4.45 billion, of which $ 100-500 million for research in the field of longevity
Unity Biotechnology Therapy based on getting rid of old (senescent) cells, provoking age-related inflammatory diseases $ 208 million
GERO Biomarkers of aging and the development of new drugs $ 10 million (approximate estimate)
Leading research institutes and foundations
National Institute on Aging The main organization of the United States for the study of aging $ 1500 million annually
Wellcome Biomedical Foundation $ 800 million
The Jackson Laboratory Research of genetic models of aging and cancer, the study of aging in animals, stem cell research $ 300 million annually, of which about $ 100 million for research related to aging
Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing A study of the General biology of aging in model organisms About $ 100 million (approximate estimate)
SENS Research Foundation Non-profit organization supporting research in the field of longevity About $ 5 million
Glenn Foundation for Medical Research The research Foundation of longevity, support leading universities About $ 10 million