Vitacoin - is the structure

For progress on the field of life extension, it is necessary to create a Structure, which will become the foundation for future research in the field of aging and will transform the world. This structure is for specific categories of people, which expresses the main interests of living organisms.

Structure is a set of questions:

Scientific center

Creation of a global research center to increase in research and development in the search for new medicines and longevity therapy


Clinical studies of drugs and life extension therapies

Support & funding

Support of scientific projects, targeted funding for the development of new technologies and therapies

Search and
analysis of studies

Creation of algorithms for searching and analyzing scientific papers for identifying the most promising areas, and areas of biomedicine

To achieve success, it is necessary to unite various industries, such as Biotechnology, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, IT, PR, etc. The pooling of money, bringing people and ideas from these industries together will multiply increase the chance for a person's future life without disease. In order to start work on all these areas, it is necessary to have money, time and people with relevant experience. Pharmaceutical companies and states are not motivated to develop the direction of active longevity, and people should rely only on themselves. The synergy of the unification of people, scientists and capital will give a chance in the future to extend the life of a man for as long as necessary.

The Science Center is the core of the structure.

The future Global Science Center is a way to bring together all scientists and researchers to achieve synergy.

We combine many directions of development:

  • Biotechnology
  • Medicine and clinical research
  • Nanotechnology
  • IT technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum Biology
  • Big Data
  • Sociology and Psychology
  • Robotics
  • Zoology & Botany
  • System Biology
  • Human intelligence

And many others!

Part of the research is fundamental, and the other part - applied. It is necessary to make the scientific center a commercial and self-supporting structure. A special emphasis will be placed on the development of various applied therapies and devices in the new Science Center. This will allow the launching of new products in the as quickly as possible.

The history of views on the problem of life prolongation

Philosophical stone

Elixir Vitae

Alchemy as a secret art has always the main goal to explain the phenomenon of eternal life and achieve immortality. The main object of the search of the alchemists was the philosopher's stone (or Elixir of immortality). This reagent, they believed, allows to transform the substance of one nature into another, ignoble into noble, imperfect into perfect. Besides it could improve and multiply gold. At the same time with transmutation function it gifts immortality. But to obtain the elixir, the alchemist first has to experience death.

Live forever or die trying