Road map

Project start level. The task is to recruit 1000 participants or 100,000 Vitacoins.

Minimum amount accumulation on the deposit for further activities implementation. Team building start, holding of meetings with interested scientists, investors; develop own services and products

Project dynamics. 10,000 users and 1 million Vitacoins.

Project advertising and promotion to attract new users. Solution continuation of our own services and products as per the project mission. Actual team building and blockchain creation with connected ERP system.

Start of investment. 25,000 users and 2.5 million Vitacoins.

Beginning of received fund, Investment in projects of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Raising the issue for discussion related to the additional funding of existing own services and products and/or creation/acquisition of new ones. Partnership agreement undertaking with leading institutes and laboratories. Creating unified database of research and development

Investing in private projects. 250,000 users and 25 million Vitacoins.

Investment of 25% of funds in private companies of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry (25% - private market, 75% - public market). Public Discussion of issues on creating own laboratory for work of scientists, on the basis of which in future a Science Center will be created

Research center(s) establishment. 2.5 million users and 250 million Vitacoins.

Investments in creation of a decentralized Science Center - the main global platform for developing anti-aging technologies with up to 20% of funds (15% - venture projects, 20% - Science Center, 15% - private companies, 50% - public companies). Transfer of all existing intangible assets to the Science Center

Systematization of all knowledge, technologies, longevity experiments, roadmap development, supported by the scientific community. 5 million users and 5 billion Vitacoins.

Diversification of investments, additional capitalization of the scientific component (20% - venture projects, 25% - Science Center, 20% - private companies, 35% - public companies).

The era of Vitacoins embedding into the global venture capital field. 10 million users and 10 billion Vitacoins.

Diversification of investments, additional capitalization of the scientific component (25% - venture projects, 35% - Science Center, 20% - private companies, 20% - public companies).

Creation of a new decentralized structure uniting science, development and production. 50 million users and 50 billion Vitacoins.

Project breakeven point, profit from previous investments. Possible IPO.

Community development, access to a new level of permanent residents. 100 million users and 100 billion Vitacoins.

Science Center Formation as the world research core in the field of anti-aging mechanism. Friendly acquisition of research laboratories and innovative private companies engaged in anti-aging research by the Science Center. Initiate a community discussion on transferring research results to community members

Development of a modern high-tech base for life prolongation. 250 million users and 250 billion Vitacoins.

Development of nano- and bioelectronics, as well as new biomaterials. Use of artificial intelligence to create highly effective personal medicines against diseases. AI use to create tools and therapy against aging.

Connection to the decentralized structure of leading research centers. 500 million users and 500 billion Vitacoins.

The Science Center is becoming a central element of a whole network of development centers around the world, whose works are controlled by the community through a decentralized network.

Improving life propagation technologies. 1 billion users and 1 trillion Vitacoins.

Development of life propagation tools with the use of artificial intelligence.

For the first time, project participants are acquainted with the results of drug development or life propagation technology. 2.5 billion users and 2.5 trillion Vitacoins

Investment Diversification, additional capitalization of the scientific component (30% - venture projects, 50% - Science Center, 20% - private companies).

The life propagation medicine becomes more accessible for everyone. 5 billion users and 5 trillion Vitacoins.

All assets are concentrated in the Science Center (100% of funds).

Victory over all diseases, almost no limit to human life. 10 billion users and 10 trillion Vitacoins.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are not competitive with anti-aging drugs.

The history of views on the problem of life prolongation

8 бессмертных

Eight immortals

Taoists believed in the possibility of human immortality in the physical body. Mythology told how to do this and gave a variety of examples of such achievements. Especially popular was the group Of eight Immortals, each with its own wonderful history. It includes He Xiangu, Cao Guojiu, Li Tieguai, Lan Caihe, Lü Dongbin, Han Xiangzi, Zhang Guolao and Zhongli Quan. Each of the eight characters embodies different aspects of life and condition. They possess supernatural powers. According to legend, each of them at different times and under different circumstances achieved immortality.

Live forever or die trying