About project

The Vitacoin project’s task, like everything genius, is simple: to prolong the life of every person on earth.

Currently people live on average 70-75 years, and this is very little. Our goal is to postpone aging, and then completely eliminate it. At the beginning, with the help of science, we will learn to prolong life for five years, then for 15 and 50 years. But this is only the first step.The next level after retardation of aging is the creation of a “medicine for old age,” which will allow everyone who wants to be young to stay young almost forever.

How can we achieve this?

Raise money and invest in research. Motivate scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, and investors to solve problems on a mutually beneficial partnership basis. If we can already prolong the life of some simple living organisms, then we can learn how to do it with humans! It is only a matter of time and resources. To work effectively you need a central operator and organizer of the whole process. The Vitacoin project can become this central operator.

Why do you need Vitacoin?

By joining our project, you get information that can help you prolong your life and learn about the latest technologies and research in this area. At the same time, you get bonus Vitacoins, which are the share of your participation in the project.

Using blockchain and a remote voting system, you will be able to determine investment directions and quickly decide how to most effectively develop new technologies of victory over various diseases.

Each user will be able to track our transactions (contracts, payments, etc.). The relevant information will be unloaded in real time into its own blockchain by connecting to it the ERP system we use. You will see for yourself how much and on what we spend, and the blockchain technology will not allow us or anyone else to carry out illegal manipulations with reporting. This will ensure transparency of all procedures.

Vitacoin is the best opportunity to contribute to finding means for an active and long life for everyone..

Perhaps Vitacoin will become the main value of humanity.

Why were other forms of project organization not chosen?

Financial and legal analysis of various options for our project organization showed that they have significant shortcomings:

  • Joint-Stock Company. Issuing shares for new users involves compliance with complex regulatory procedures: issue registration, report, introduction of amendments in company legislation. In some countries there are restrictions due to liability for potential shareholders to meet certain requirements (for example, regarding the status of a qualified investor), etc. In addition, buying securities, the new shareholder expects growth in their value and dividend payments; however, for objective reasons, we cannot promise this.
  • Primary token release (ICO). Recently, in different countries of the world, more and more formal requirements are being imposed on this procedure. Given the objectives we are pursuing, issued tokens would most likely be qualified as shares with all the requirements and inconveniences that follow. In addition, there are very few reliable exchanges to exchange money received within the framework of the ICO for fiat money and even fewer banks that are ready to credit the received funds to legal entity accounts. Without fiat money, it is impossible to carry out scientific research on a serious level.
  • Non-profit organization. This business legal structure is very close to our goals, but it has one major drawback: it is extremely difficult if not impossible under this structure to achieve our goal of giving people, who donate their money, an opportunity to get medicine or access to technology on preferential terms.

If further changes are made to legislation which may allow us, acting strictly within the law, to transfer rights to the technology/formula created by us to users, we will make every effort to make such transfer take place.

In addition, at any stage of project development, the Vitacoin owners will be able to vote for business legal structure modification.

The history of views on the problem of life prolongation


Fountain of youth

The painting by German artist Lucas Cranach the Elder depicts a fountain symbolizing the legendary source of eternal youth. On the left it includes elderly infirm people who are brought in carts and brought on a stretcher. Rejuvenated in the fountain while bathing people are transformed and come out of it young and beautiful.

Even though there is nothing to lose, one always has a chance to win