Declaration on Problems of Radical Life Extension

According to international legal standards, the right to life is a fundamental human value. We, the citizens and founders of the decentralized extraterritorial State of Vitaspace, and also Vitacoin project participants, believe that ageing and death violate this right evidently, and we call on all people to unite around the idea of a radical life extension.

Taking into account that populations around the world are ageing and dying in unprecedented ways,

likewise, considering that all the people and states must join together to fight against ageing and death, and declare this issue as a priority,

admitting that ageing is a disease jeopardizing human life,

awaring that fundamental changes are needed in the policies of all States with regard to the prevention and treatment of ageing and age-related diseases,

either awaring the fact that significant changes in human consciousness are necessary with regard to ageing and death as inevitable and obligatory phenomena in human life,

Vitaspace citizens and Vitacoin project members proclaim this Declaration on Radical Life Extension as a goal to be pursued by all individuals and governments of all countries.

I. Human right to radical life extension

Article 1

Everyone has the right to a long life without diseases, irrespective of race, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or another status. No one may take away this right from a person. 

Article 2

Ageing is as much a disease as the others. Therefore, everyone has the right to fight it, to strive for and achieve better health, to use all possible resources for this purpose, and in case of the invention of medicine - to get one. 

Article 3

Human has the right not to come to terms with the inevitability of any negative stereotypes about ageing, not to admit that death is an obligatory end of life.

Article 4

  1. A person has the right to alter the evolutionary "program" and not to follow the "natural" flow of biological life, but to opt for the direction. That is, to do everything possible for slowing down ageing and prolonging life and youth.
  2.  A person has the right to apply the latest effective medical technologies, including tools of gene therapy, regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, and receive assistance from highly qualified specialists.
  3. A person has the right to any options to his or her own body that will help prolong life and stay young longer, but only if the method used is approved and not harmful to anyone.
  4. Specialists have the right to apply various methods aimed at increasing life expectancy, with the written consent of an informed patient.

Article 5

  1. A person has the right to receive reliable information about the latest developments in medicine, gerontology, genetics and other sciences, in one way or another, related to ageing, life extension and youth, as well as how to properly use their own body resources to improve health and increase life expectancy.
  2. An individual has the right to apply all this knowledge in practice.

Article 6

  1. Anyone cannot be judged/punished/persecuted/exiled for wanting to live longer and for actions that have been, still or will be taken to slow down ageing.
  2. Everyone has the right to protect their interests regarding ageing and increased longevity.

Article 7

Scientists have the right to carry out any research that aims to defeat ageing, prolong youth and increase life expectancy for humans and humanity as a whole.

Article 8

There are objections to longer life spans: for instance, that long life will result in boredom, lose its meaning, and so on. Since such statements are subjective, a person has the right to decide personally what brings joy, gives life meaning, etc.

Article 9

The person has the right to join a community of interest, to join forces, ideas and resources with those who are also interested in defeating ageing and prolonging active life, in order to find successful solutions and ensure a better future for all.

Article 10

Human beings have the right to participate in the creation and support of scientific projects, the implementation of programmes, the targeted funding of new developments to radically prolong life and to encourage the media to play a key role in informing about the problems of ageing, life extension and youth.

II. Radical life extensions’ activities

Vitaspace citizens and Vitacoin project participants admit the necessity for having a strategy to overcome the challenges of radical life prolongation and urge the international community to support activities solving these issues. Such activities include the following:

  1. the recognition of radical life prolongation and youth as real opportunities rather than unachievable goals;
  2. expansion of the international community - bringing together scientists, the media, businessmen, government officials and all those who care about radical prolongation of life and youth;
  3. creation of the International Scientific Center - the main world platform for the development of drugs and technologies for radical prolongation of life, combining the efforts of different areas of science, such as medicine, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, IT, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.;
  4. the establishment of the Trust Fund for Radical Life Extension to support the International Scientific Centre;
  5. the popularization of knowledge on radical prolongation of life: endorsement of mass media, popular science books, scientific lectures, conferences, etc. to ensure distribution of reliable information on problems of radical prolongation of life among the population;
  6. making this knowledge accessible for each and every (e.g. providing free access to all scientific articles on life extension and youth);
  7. advocating for the prolongation of active healthy life and youth in State and non-State institutions;
  8. declaring the radical life prolongation as by far the most important theme at all major scientific events;
  9. creation of the R&D community on radical prolongation of life on a single platform;
  10. creation of a patient organization, which will allow testing the brand new non-invasive methods of life extension in a short time;
  11. assistance in international cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and resources between States for the implementation of projects and programmes to extend life and youth;
  12. encouraging the population to change traditional point of view on ageing and death;
  13. encouraging the population to develop the physical, social and personal skills associated with life extension and youth; 
  14. fostering a new person - the one who not only knows but also understands how to live in a world without age limits, where longevity is not a burden for the family or the state, where one can live an active life even at the age of 150.