Future of the project

Vitacoin is the large and complex project: on the one hand, it requires a comprehensive approach and investment, on the other hand, the people's faith.

It’s crucial to understand that claimed 60 years needed to defeat aging completely is only a forecast. This time may not be enough for a significant progress in the development of science. But there is a possibility of the opposite scenario: the project can be implemented much earlier.

When will we reach our goal-in 5, 20 or 100 years?

It all depends on us. After all, the more people will believe in Vitacoin and realize the necessity of its implementation, the more likely it will develop. It implies that together we will bring closer to the goal achievement — the victory over aging.

The history of views on the problem of life prolongation


Myth of Asclepius

The famous medical symbol is the snake-entwined staff of the God of healing Asclepius. According to myth, he went, leaning on the staff, to the Palace of the Cretan king Minos in order to resurrect his dead son. On the way a serpent wrapped itself around the staff, and Asclepius, frightened, killed it. After he saw that second snake crept out with some kind of plant in the mouth — it revived a dead. Asclepius realized that this medicinal plant, gathered it and raised up the son of a king.

Even though there is nothing to lose, one always has a chance to win