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Vitaspace is the world's first decentralized extraterritorial state, where participants are united by a common idea of the extension of youth and active life without diseases. Many people consider themselves citizens of the world. We also suggest not to be limited to geographical, national and other categories that divide people. Vitaspace will provide an opportunity to rewrite the rules governing the community. Together, the citizens of a decentralized state will join forces to radically extend life. Each member of Vitaspace will be able to contribute to the development of technologies that allow to preserve youth, restore health and significantly postpone aging. Vitaspace citizens are expected to have the highest life expectancy in the world.


Vitacoin Lectures

Educational activities to disseminate knowledge about aging and life extension - Vitacoin Lectures - are conducted on a regular basis. The world's largest scientists and science popularizers give lectures on the latest research, innovative developments in medicine, biology, bioengineering, molecular genetics, biohacking, etc. On the platform of Vitacoin Lectures were: Shibashish Giri, Professor at the University of Leipzig; Alexey Moskalev, biogerontologist; Alfredo Franco-Obregon, head of the Laboratory of BioIonic Currents Electromagnetic Pulsing Systems at the National University of Singapore; Vadim Freifeld, head of the Laboratory of Ageing at the Ben-Gurion University (Israel); Brian Kennedy, Head of the Center for Healthy Aging at the National University of Singapore, etc.



VSH25 — is an experimental biological program of complex effect, designed to help you recover body's resources. Via VSH25 you gain control of your biochemistry: prolong youth, maintain health and stop aging. VSH25 generates visual, audio and cognitive signals that are perceived by the senses, processed by the brain and perceived at the subconscious level. Their interpretation can trigger the production of certain hormones, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides involved in the correction of human genetic characteristics. VSH25 can improve the physiological and psychological state through epigenetic changes, which turn on and off certain genes.


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Epigenetic rejuvenation experiment

The project aims to evaluate the improvement of age-related phenotypes by induction of tissue-specific reprogramming in the brain and skeletal muscles in vivo. To achieve this goal, mouse lines will be created and characterized to reprogram only brain and muscle cells.

Authors: Yuri Deigin, Vice-President of Science for Life Extension Foundation, CEO of Youthereum Genetics; Alejandro Ocampo, Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Lausanne (Switzerland).

Investment required: CHF 100,000 (USD 102,000)

Creation of test for early diagnosis of calcinosis

Development of a prototype and clinical study of the MineGenics test for early detection of calcinosis in cardiovascular diseases. It is planned to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of a diagnostic set of biomarkers (mRNA and microRNA) for calcinosis of cardiovascular diseases. Earlier MineGenics received a grant to search for early biomarkers of calcinosis. There's a patent.

Authors: Amina Ibrahimova, Anastasia Shindyapina, Garik Mkrtchyan.

Investments required: 5 000 000 rubles (77 000 $)

Emtricitabine clinical trials for age-related diseases

Evaluation of the therapeutic effectiveness of emtricitabine for the treatment of age-related diseases in geriatric patients. It is planned to conduct a placebo-controlled study with patients diagnosed with arthrosis and other age-related diseases accompanied by chronic inflammation.

Authors: John Sedivy, Professor of Medicine and Biology at Brown University; Alexey Moskalev, biogerontologist, IVAO.

Investment required: $412,787.