Victory over aging:


"Life is sacred, that is to say, it is the supreme value, to which all other values are subordinate"A.Einstein

Vitacoin market cap, tn $

Capitalization of the Healthcare world market is estimated at about $ 46.7 trillion. While maintaining average growth rates of 10% annually, by 2079 the market can be estimated at 17 205 trillion dollars. Based on the fact that in 62 years there will be a technology or therapy that will eliminate all the effects of aging and replace all existing medicines and therapies, Vitacoin will be increasing the market share by 2% every year after 12 years of development and the first significant results, available to everyone on the market, and will have approximated 100% by 2079.

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What is Vitacoin?

Vitacoin is a new crypto currency, which is provided with a future anti-aging medicine.

Everyone has the need to live. Our mission is to ensure that every man will satisfy this need! We develop and create new anti-aging technologies.

When you buy Vitacoin, you invest in real projects and companies around the world, thereby bringing the moment of healthy longevity closer.

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Vitacoin Pre-ICO

The Vitacoin project is currently preparing for the ICO on the Ethereum platform, which is scheduled for September 2017. All purchased Vitacoins may be converted into new tokens.

Vitacoin will become a digital asset that will allow holders to consolidate their rights to future scientific developments and make pricing and control more transparent.

Vitacoin is a structural product. Buying Vitacoin, you simultaneously invest in stocks and shares of companies in the public, private, venture and scientific markets, and you also invest in the development of the industry, clinical trials, PR and lobbying. Vitacoin is an all-in-one product, a product for those who want to take part in the development in all anti-aging areas.


Project evolution

Project level: 1 of 10

To determine the next step, the total level of characters should reach 1000, and the portal should assemble 100000 Vitacoin. is an Innovative anti-aging project.
For the first time in the world there is an opportunity to buy anti-aging medicine.
When will it be invented? It completely depends on you!
We create a unique community of people whose common goal is to struggle against aging!

Main goals of the project

Popularization of the problem

We consolidate our efforts to draw maximum attention to the problem of aging


The more users at the portal we have and the more active they are - the closer the production of anti-aging medicine is!

Our goals and directions

Creating a structure to win over the aging is the key question.
When we treat diseases, we struggle with the consequences of the problem, but don’t deal with its cause. The scientific community is now close to understanding that the aging of the human organism is the result of many diseases. Only creation of the structure and an association of people can maximally extend life!
We invest in science and medicine.
Every Vitacoin invented in the project is used for development of biomedicine and approaches us to the moment when medicine from aging will be invented. We invest in scientific projects, start-ups, shares of biotechnology companies and other assets which bring the moment of radical life extension closer.
We create a common community.
Our project consolidates the different efforts of people, allowing them to interact effectively and to solve synergistically the important issue for the humankind.
We allow everyone to contribute to the life extension question.
We understand the importance of the problem and we have our anti-aging strategy, but we are always open to any suggestions. The democratic component of the project is the basis of an effective life extension strategy.
We constantly evolve and develop industry
Along with the development of the portal, you can observe the growth of scientific and technological progress in biomedicine and anti-aging questions.

Strategic Plan


Dissemination of knowledge is an essential element in victory over aging. 99 % of people do not even know that they can make their lives longer and happier, since they are unable to get real-world, science-based and reliable information on aging. We provide you with the information on the issue of aging on usable format and give you the opportunity to become involved in the battle against aging.


Dream to live long is an integral outcome of dissemination of knowledge. Our goal is not only to prolong human life, but also to encourage the participants of the project and all people in the world to think about longevity and fight against aging. We provide the platform, which will give you all the necessary information and enable you to prolong your life. The more users we have at the platform, the closer the immortality is.


Consolidation of our efforts and synergy will represent the maximum effect in developing anti-aging medicine. The project Vitacoin bring people, who are concerned about longevity, together to deal more effectively with this issue.


Our development plan is aimed at drawing attention to the problem of aging as well as financing of scientific institutions, projects and companies. Collaboration of the participants of the project with world-class scientists will enable the project to develop faster and better.


The endpoint of the portal is to create an affordable anti-aging medicine and life without diseases. Working together, we will be able to achieve these goals.