"Life is sacred, that is to say, it is the supreme value, to which all other values are subordinate"

A. Einstein
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The first step to prolonging life

The Vitacon project has successfully completed the first stage of the Roadmap for finding life extension tools. We have formed a professional team that administers the project and started working with experts in the field of active longevity, modern technologies and investments. We regularly conduct educational activities to spread knowledge about the fight against aging. In addition, we develop our own services and products that help preserve health and youth.

Vitacon is primarily people who believe in radical life extension. Starting the second stage of the Road map, we created Vitacon club — a place for gathering like-minded people, sharing skills and experience, and a platform for realizing ourselves and our goals.

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What is Vitacoin?

Vitacoin is a product that confirms your investment in life extension. It gives a chance to create technologies which allow to restore health, significantly slow down aging and stay young as long as possible.

Everyone has a demand to live. Our goal is to help everyone meet this demand! Vitacoin is the all-in-one product, which allows you to take part in the development of fight against aging, and also to implement a range of measures — from clinical studies of youth preserving to creation a global research center for radical life extension.

Only together we can find a tool for active and long life. There is no ready-made "anti-aging pill" and will not be until there is a new type of structure that will unite all people. Vitacoin can become a central operator, organizing all the designated processes. Transparency of procedures will be ensured by blockchain and remote voting system. As a result, each user will be able to track transactions and payments.

Invest in your future — join Vitacoin!


Project evolution

Project level: 2 of 15

Total users level182 of 10000
Future prospects2024 of 2079
Financial level0 of 10000 is innovative project that bring together people that want to prolong their life. Finally, for the first time in the world, it has become possible for people to contribute to the extension of their lives and to change the rules of the game. We create unique community of people united with research for solutions that can cure any disease.

The vitacoin project objectives

  • Spreading the knowledge about aging problem

    Combining our efforts, we get maximum attention to aging problem

  • Solution

    More users at the portal we have and more active they are –closer we get to the production of anti-aging medicine!

Our goals and directions

  1. To win the fight with aging we need to create a proper structure. it is the first step
    When we treat diseases, we are dealing with the consequences of the problem but not with with the cause. Right now, the scientific community is close to understand that the aging is the result of many diseases. Only creating the proper structure and bringing people together can extend life efficiently!
  2. We invest in science and medicine
    Every Vitacoin invested in the project is used for biomedicine development and getting us closer to the moment when solution from aging will be developed. We invest in scientific projects, start-ups, biotechnology company’s stocks and other assets which bring the moment of radical life extension closer.
  3. We create a united community
    Our project unites the scattered efforts of many people, allowing them to interact effectively and to solve the important issue for the humankind together (synergy).
  4. We give everyone an opportunity to contribute to the life extension problem
    We understand how important the problem of aging is and we have our anti-aging strategy. We are always open to any suggestions and ideas. The democratic approach in the project is the basis of an effective life extension strategy.
  5. We constantly evolve and develop industry
    Along with the development of the portal, you can see the growth of scientific and technological progress in biomedicine and anti-aging area.

Strategic plan

Spreading the knowledge is an essential element in fighting aging. 99% of people do not even know that they can extend their lives and be happier. They don’t get real-world, science-based and reliable information on aging. We provide you with the data on the issue of aging in an understandable way. We also give you the opportunity to be involved in the battle against aging.
Dream to live longer is an integral outcome of knowledge spreading. Our goal is not only to prolong human life, but also to encourage all project participants and all people in the world to think about longevity and fight against aging. We provide the platform that will give you all the necessary information; it also gives you an opportunity to prolong your own life. More participants we, closer the immortality is.
Synergy and consolidation will result in the most efficient research and developing process. The Vitacoin project brings people who are concerned about longevity together to deal more effectively with the issue.
With our development plan, we are aiming to draw attention to the problem of aging as well as financing scientific institutions, projects and companies. Collaboration of the project participants with world-class scientists will allow the project to develop even faster and better.
The endpoint of the portal is to create an affordable anti-aging medicine and making possible to have life without any diseases. Working together we can achieve these goals.
Life meaning is in life itself (In the truest sense of the word)
A. N. Fomenko