The founder of the project

Andrey Fomenko — is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and an owner of “Senator," the largest network of business centers located in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1996, Mr. Fomenko founded "Eternal youth" fund and in december 2014, he founded IVAO.

Our mission

Are you ready to say what’s the value of your life? Most likely this question confused you. It happened by the reason. We all heard from an early age that life is priceless. However it’s limited.

People constantly risk their lives and don’t think about the inevitability of the end. According to statistics the fear of death is only in ninth place. There’s no logic in it. And after all the only thing a person has is life. We want to change that and remind people of the true cost of human’s life. But more importantly we want to extend it for everyone

The purpose of Vitacoin is to postpone aging and then completely cancel it. Transparency of all procedures will be provided by blockchain technologies. Our project can be considered as a long-term venture fund or a global research center

The Vitacoin project is aimed at thoughtful and responsible people who care not only about themselves but also about the lives of next generations. Investment in Vitacoin is a look into the future. Even if we fail to develop life extension technologies in the nearest future, we will lay the foundation for our children and grandchildren who will continue our job. Great things take time.

The more people involved in the project, the sooner we will get a real result. Together we will combine investments and create methods to radically extend active life. And for those who don’t want or can’t participate directly in the technology development process, we’re going to sell it at a high price.

What if it doesn't work out? We'll just live out our lives like we used to. But if there's even a 0.01% possibility, it's stupid not to use it, isn't it?

So what’s the value of your life now? Think about it. Maybe there’s no need to skimp on because life is much more important. Your birth is a miracle, which was worked by your parents. And now thanks to the project Vitacoin you could work miracles for yourself and your children and extend the life.

Ideology evolutionary theory of aging

Life is more valuable than money