Project levels

Description of the level and its criteria
Objectives of the investments of the project
Elementary level of the project. The goal is to collect 1000 participants and 100 000 Vitacoins
Reaching the minimum amount of funds for implementing further activities
Project development. 10,000 participants and 1M Vitacoins
Advertising and promoting the project to attract new users
First investments. 100,000 participants and 5M Vitacoins
Investment 100% of funds in public companies’ stocks (biotechnological and pharmaceutical sectors)
Investments in private projects. 300,000 participants and 20M vitacoins
Investment 25% of funds in private companies (biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors) (25% - private market, 75% public market)
Creation of the scientific center (centers): 1,000,000 people and 1 billion Vitacoins
Investments in the creation of the scientific center (main world site for developing the anti-aging technologies): up to 20% of the portfolio (the rest: 15% - venture market, 20% - scientific center, 15% - private companies, 50% - public companies)
Structure of all data, technologies, experiments in longevity, development of the road map supported by the scientific community: 10M participants and 25 billion Vitacoins
Investment Diversification, increased capitalization of scientific components (20% - venture market, 25% - scientific center, 20% - private companies, 35% - public companies)
The era of embedding Vitacoins into the world venture industry. 100M. users and 100 billion Vitacoins
Diversification of investments, additional capitalization of scientific components (25% - venture market, 35% - scientific center, 20% - private companies, 20% - public companies)
For the first time, participants of the project receive the life-prolonging medicine. 250M participants and 1 trillion Vitacoins issued.
Investment diversification, additional capitalization of scientific component (30% - venture market, 50% - scientific center, 20% - private companies)
Life extension medicine is available to everyone. 500M participants and 25 trillions Vitacoins
All assets are invested in the scientific center (100% portfolio)
Victory over all diseases, almost unlimited human lifespan. 1 billion participants and 100 trillion Vitacoins
Pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies are no more competitive to solutions against aging
"Live Forever or Die Trying"