Forecasted Vitacoin Capitalization

Vitacoin progress can be forecasted using these key metrics:

  1. By number of users and visitors.
  2. By Vitacoin market share in Healthcare.

By users.

Looking on financial numbers of social networks, we can forecast vitacoin value. For example, Facebook’s revenue is about $30b, market cap is close to $437b. Facebook has around 2 billion active users per month. That makes each user contribution of $200 in total market cap of Facebook. Using that data, we can extrapolate it on the graph that shows market cap and user count (in millions; users that visit at least once per month).

If we are right in our assumptions and forecast, then having 5 billion active users our market cap can reach $1 Trillion (ads and marketing services would help in reaching these cap numbers).

By vitacoin marketshare on healthcare market


Market cap of world healthcare market is close to $46.7b as of today (2017). To get these numbers, we averaged revenues and earnings data from multiple companies and data from World Bank and Fidelity.

With average inflation and average growth of healthcare market we expect that it will have annual 10% growth rate. With that growth rate, we expect total world healthcare market cap will reach $17,206 Trillion.

Based on the fact that in 62 years from now technology (or therapy) that can eliminate all the effects of aging and can replace all existing medicines and therapies will exist, we can forecast Vitacoin market cap looking on Healthcare market share that vitacoin will replace with new solutions. Market share will increase at 2% rate every year after 12 years (beginning 2030) of development and first significant results become available to everyone on the market.

By 2080 Vitacoin (backed by projects it funded) potentially will reach market cap of $17,205 trillion having 90% of Healthcare market.

Economic changes Political changes Social changes
  • Population will have longer active life, that’s with more labor available will allow World Economy to growth by 10% and more annually (vs 3% now).
  • More technologies will be available; new industries and services will emerge.
  • Growing population will stimulate demand on commercial and residential property; that’s will help construction industry.
  • All industries will growth with new technologies and more labor available.
  • Aged populations will growth and become very involved in politics.
  • Life will be peaceful. We will have no military conflicts and warzones as human life will be much more valuable.
  • Most of countries will revise budgets to use more funds in education and culture areas decreasing military and healthcare spending.
  • Pension plans will be changed. Pensions will be cancelled as people will have longer active life being able to accumulate funds and live on accumulated capital.
  • Earth population will growth enormously with people living longer. New occupations will emerge. We will have huge labor supply on the market.