About project

The idea is simple:

extension of the human lifespan.

The average human lifespan now is 70-75 year, and it is very short indeed. Our goal is to push aging back in time and then to completely reverse it. First, we will learn how to prolong life for 5 years with the help of science. Then for 15 years. Then for 50 years. However, this will only be the first step.

The next level after slowing down the aging is creation of an "anti-aging medicine", which will allow everyone to stay young for almost forever.

How to achieve that?

Raise funds and invest it in researches. Motivate scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, investors to solving the problem on mutually beneficial partner terms. If we do already know how to prolong the life of some simple living organisms, we can learn how to do this with a human being! It's just a matter of time and resources. For effective work, we need a central operator and organizer of the whole process. The Vitacoin project is supposed to become this central operator.

Why you need Vitaoin.

When you join Vitacoin, you get data that may help increase your lifespan; also you can get latest news of research and technologies in life prolonging area. Also you get bonus vitacoins that shows your participating share.

Soon our partners are planning to release crypto tokens (using blockchain technology).

Bonus vitacoin points can be used to get special promotions and discounts at ICOs that our partners will make.

With blockchain technology and remote voting system capabilities we can steer the direction for investment, promptly decide how to identify and develop new technologies to battle and defeat the aging. Vitacoin is the best opportunity to contribute to the research of a solution for eternal life for everyone.

Possibly, vitacoin will become most valuable project human beings have.

The Fountain of Youth - Lucas Cranach the Elder

People who have nothing to lose become unpredictable and capable of any deed.